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Subsurface Stormwater Channel  49 linear feet x 3' wide x 18" deep

Step 1: Scarping of vegetation (vegetation consists of grass, weeds and small
saplings)  Additional charges may be incurred for substantially harder
surfaces, rocks, etc.

Step 2: Excavate  channel to a depth of 18" deep.  Install geotextile fabric to
ensure the aggregate remains clean.  Install 11.8 tons of #4 stone, then cover
with geotextile fabric.   

Step 3: Backfill channel after it is covered.  Level and grade topsoil over
constructed channel.  (Additional expenses may be incurred if topsoil needs
hauled in to project)

Step 4: Seed and straw mulch final graded topsoil.
Mission Statement

Taking great measures to ensure absolute protection of our team, environment and property

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Type of Job
Stormwater Channel, Site work
Mountain Rd, Dauphin
Time Frame
1 Day
Project Manager
Colin Still